Beard (Neck and Face) 
Neck (Front or Back for Women)
Neck (Front or Back for Men)$150
Whole Face for Women (chin, side, lip & neck)$150

(Upper Body) 

Legs (Lower) 
Legs (Upper)
Legs (Full)

Along with her extensive electrolysis experience, Amy is one of the few who also specialzes in Laser. Approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, Laser Hair Removal is a selective absorption of an intense light pulse that aims at hair follicles at specified wavelengths, a process known as selective phototermolysis. The light pulse destroys the follicles by selectively heating dark matter in the area that causes hair growth, while not heating the rest of the skin. It specifically targets the melanin, which is the dark target matter or chromophores laser eliminates.​​


​​* All services for men are done from the waist up only

Both Electrolysis and Laser are safe and effective methods for hair removal. There are a few differences however, one being the amount of time. Although pricier, laser is quicker and require less sessions, while electrolysis can be more time consuming and require multiple sessions. Electrolysis can be used for any hair and any skin type, where in contrast laser depends on hair and skin type. Electrolysis is also very effective when it comes to soft hair and facial areas, whereas laser is excellent for thicker hair and larger areas. Overall, both are effective and reliable methods. It depends on the area and what type of hair that decides which method should be used.



(Lower Body) 

*Combined Service and Package Discounts Available*


15 Minutes$55
30 Minutes $85
45 Minutes$110
60 Minutes$135

(Face / Head) 


Unlike other services, Amy provides an electrolysis service that is both gentle and effective. As the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal, electrolysis involves utilizing a needle/probe device that’s inserted into the hair follicle and discharges a small amount of energy that destroys the hair growth tissue. When done right, the regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated. Amy has rightfully mastered this skill, while being able to produce quick results, without the marks or scars other electrologists will leave behind.


Differences Between Electrolysis & Laser

Abdomen (Above or below Navel)
Arms (Women) 
Arms (Men)
Back (Men, Full)
Back (​Men, Full & Shoulder)$350
Chest & Abs (Above Navel)$300
Underarm (Women)$120