"I strongly recommend Amy Kim to anyone looking for the best hair removal treatment possible!" 

​Dr. Connolly, NY Dermatologist

"I highly recommend Amy for both laser and electrolysis.  Amy has been doing this for years and is very knowledgable.  Unlike other spas which will just sell you a package, Amy genuinely cares about getting results."

- Meg, NY

"Amy is the dream come true when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, both electrolysis and laser. She is the most professional and she knows exactly what she's doing. It's very hard to find someone you can trust with such delicate thing and Amy is the one. I have been seeing her for over 5 years and I would recommend her to everyone who is serious about finding a true master at hair removal. Highly recommended."

​Rachel, NY

"Amy is heaven sent. I tried finding a good person to go to on Groupon and after one to many scams I gave up and found Amy on yelp. She is wonderful. She does both laser and electrolysis and will let you know which treatment will work better for you. I had been doing laser and it made my problem area worse, we are now using electrolysis and the results have been good so far. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Amy!"​

- Penelope, NJ​

"Amy is absolutely the best when it comes to hair removal! I have tried many different electrolysis/laser places for the past 10 years to remove unwanted hair and never got permanent results... until I found Amy! I got a lot of work done on my face, neck, and stomach and these areas have been hair free for 2 years now! She is extremely professional, kind, and easy going. She also works very fast and I never feel any pain. Also other places I have gone to have left scars or the appearance of larger pores. However with Amy my skin always looks and feels so smooth after treatment! For the first time ever I actually enjoy going to my hair removal appointments! Coming from one hairy girl to another... go to Amy!!"

- ​Kelly, NY

"I have been going to Amy for almost two years and she is absolutely wonderful. She is highly skilled in what she does and works at a steady pace. I have seen drastic results in my treatment areas and am very satisfied with her work. In certain areas of treatment I have been more sensitive in and Amy does her best to engage in a conversation to keep my mind off the treatment area."

- Jessica, NY

"I am so pleased with my results from Amy. I have used electrologists before and they were not nearly as effective as Amy. She is so precise and so gentle that I have very little redness or irritation after my treatments. I have also received laser treatments from Amy, and the results were noticeable almost immediately. Amy makes the process as pleasant as possible, and she will play lovely classical music for you so you can relax!"

- Karen, CT

​"For those of us not skilled in eyebrow tweezing and do not like the unnatural look of waxing, electrolysis is the answer. Amy is amazing, an artist. I receive so many compliments and electrolysis is as close to permanent as you can get. Amy is the best in NYC! Location is great too, a few blocks from GCT."

- Shari, NY

"For those 'non-believers' - you MUST try Amy!!! She's amazing - and you can't argue with results!! You'll see results right away and she is just a delight to work with. I can't recommend her enough!! Try her because I must say that: Seeing really IS believing!"

​- Lauren, NY